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You are the product and the victim

In the late 1990’s when the Internet was first commercially introduced, companies made money by driving large numbers of people to their websites and then monetized this traffic with advertising revenue. This business model made sense at the time, considering how impression-base advertising (total number of people viewing or listening to the advertisement) was and still is the preferred revenue model for traditional media outlet – television, radio and print.

However, when the bubble burst and the dust settled as to why the stock market boom fizzled, Big Internet Companies were given statistical proof that monetizing traffic based on impressions could never generate enough revenue to sustain their behemoth operations. The failure of “impression” advertising was clear and companies needed to find a new and more novel way of offering people free services while simultaneously making billions of dollars.

Instead of figuring out a better and more consumer-friendly Internet business model that honored website visitors and protected their personal privacy, the new Web 2.0 business model became all about collecting, storing and selling personal data by creating “affinity profiles” that could be packaged and sold on the open market to the highest bidder. The buyers of personal information are market research firms and lead generators constantly looking to target consumers like you with their products and services.

In effect, the Big Internet Companies have turned personal information into a “commodity or affinity profile” they can sell and trade over and over and over again and reap huge financial rewards. And who seems to mind? Billions of consumers around the world willingly or naively use these platforms every single day.

Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is the sheer volume and specificity of personal data that is being collected. It is alarming, to say the least. These profiles contain gender, age, marital or relationship status, income, family and health status, personal interests and likes, friends and opinions, where you live, shop and vacation, what you buy and more importantly for marketers, what they predict you will buy in the near future. Capturing and selling your personal information and buying habits is big business, and you are both the product and victim!

This practice of trafficking consumer behavior is pervasive, insidious and indiscriminate. Everyone, whether young or old, rich or poor, knowing or unknowingly, is having their personal information collected. It doesn’t matter if you deploy spam filters or ad-blocking technologies or activate your privacy settings, your personal information is being captured and your identity is being trafficked. You have become a revenue model and commodity.

If you disagree with the practice of collecting your personal information to create affinity profiles to be sold on the open market, please take personal action to begin protecting your privacy and join the Stop Consumer Trafficking movement.

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