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If you agree the practice of consumer trafficking should be stopped. Please sign this petiton and voice your opinion.

Note: we will never sell, rent, trade or traffic your personal information.

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Take personal action and join the movement

Step 1 – Download TOR Project Browser

Tor is free software. It provides an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis (a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy) and helps you maintain the confidentiality of business activities and relationships.
Click The following link to download TOR Download Now

Step 2 - Visit and Join Localloop

For Consumers

Localloop offers a privacy-protected Internet user experience. Your personal and private information is never sold, rented or traded to third parties under any circumstances and your activity on the site will not be tracked or monitored for any reason. Visit us at to learn more and to give us your feedback to so we can better provide you with the internet experience you want and deserve.

For Small Business Owners

Localloop was created to enable ethical small business owners and consumers to once again engage and build relationships through trusted commerce and active involvement in their local communities. We are committed to helping you compete and win against big Internet companies that are conspiring to put you out of business.

At the core, we are a group of small business advocates committed to providing you with the opportunity to learn what we’ve learned. We seek to empower you with the insight, tools and process necessary to take back your company and life while becoming a leader in your local community.

Step 3 - Spread the Word

Start a Localloop or Community Group

It’s hard to remain quiet knowing that Consumer Trafficking is compromising your privacy and personal identity, so speak up! Each voice that spreads the word about this problem is important. Share the story with your friends, colleagues and fellow concerned citizens and work together as a group to promote awareness and take action. To create a privacy-protected Localloop group page, click here

Lobby Local Policymakers

If you want to see something done about Consumer Trafficking in your community, reach out to your local politicians. Schedule a meeting with them to explain and emphasize why Consumer Trafficking should be on their priority list and suggest ways they can help end this problem.

Student Involvement

Education transforms lives. As a student you can speak up and help inform other students about Consumer Trafficking and the threat it poses to our privacy. Take a leadership role. Become an advocate. Engage your friends or your organization in this movement to restore our personal privacy.

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