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The huge cost of free social networks

You may be asking yourself, “Why does Stopping Consumer Trafficking matter? I don’t even know what it is?” Both are common responses we get from people when initially introduced to the Stop Consumer Trafficking movement. This is very understandable considering we are introducing and defining a completely new term.

In order to explain the term, we often ask, “Have you ever signed up for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstake or a similar “Win a Grand Prize” type of opportunity?” In most cases these companies are offering you the chance to win millions of dollars in one lump sum or even thousands of dollars every week for the rest of your life. That sounds fantastic! Who doesn’t want to win free money? All you have to do to win is sign up. Yet the overwhelming majority of people don’t take the bait.

Here's another question, when you are approached by a person with a clipboard and pen attached to a white string, do you willingly engage this person in a dialogue and sign their petition, or do you quickly change direction and avoid eye contact at all costs? If you’re like most people, you look away and walk away.

The simple truth is most people don’t sign up to win millions of dollars for any promotion because they know there’s a catch. They know they'll be put on a mailing or sales list and, since they don't want to be harassed, they dont sign up. We don’t want to have our personal information sold by anybody. We prefer to be left alone. Are you comfortable giving personal information to the guy with the clipboard? Not a chance.

If this accurately describes your reaction to such activities, we believe that Stopping Consumer Trafficking is important to you. Business practices by Big Internet Companies are much more invasive and insidious than the Publishers Clearing House business model, which simply sells your name and address to other businesses. Big Internet Companies are tracking every website you visit and watching your online behavior in order to collect and sell your personal information and web surfing habits to other companies for billions of dollars. Do you feel powerless and exploited? Is this a fair business practice? How does it make you feel to know that “Big Brother” is watching everything you do while online?

Most men, women and even children today are accessing the Internet from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. You see it happening in parks, on buses, at restaurants and during sporting events, and it seems everybody is connected at all times. Everyday more people are becoming addicted to their digital devices and it makes sense when so many websites and online apps offer social engagement activities, fun games and learning opportunities free of charge.

But what are we giving away in exchange for these free online services? What are we losing without even the slightest opportunity to win millions of dollars? We are giving up our personal privacy and losing our personal identities! When we sign up and use free social networks or the popular Internet web browsers, we are not their customer; we are their product, and they collect and sell our personal information for big dollars!

Is this price we are paying for free services worth it? We don’t think so. We believe businesses can AND SHOULD be more creative and find more honorable ways to generate revenue without exploiting our private thoughts and online behavior.

If you agree, please take personal action to begin protecting your privacy and join the Stop Consumer Trafficking movement. Click on this link to learn how.

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