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If you agree the practice of consumer trafficking should be stopped. Please sign this petiton and voice your opinion.

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Businesses that are leading the movement


Oomba, Inc. is a specialized social media company that is creating an interactive social network for tournaments, leagues and teams. Oomba revolutionizes how people organize sports and games by melding software as a service with a social network. Based in Irvine, California, the company was founded by Michael Williams, CEO, founder of Planetwide Games and Tremor Entertainment. Aiding Williams in the creative development of Oomba is co-founder and visionary, Nolan Bushnell, famed video game developer and founder of both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.

Visit Oomba at:

Bothell Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, membership-based organization uniting businesses, the community and government in an effort to promote regional economic prosperity. The Bothell Chamber of Commerce champions the prosperity of the greater Bothell area and quality of life for our community through collaborative leadership, business advocacy and member-driven services.

Visit the Chamber at:


Vadium believes that every business, government, organization and individual has the right to control and protect their digital information. Vadium delivers trusted, high value products and services addressing the digital privacy, security and trust challenges that are compromising communication and information networks daily, caused by hackers, cyber-criminals and economic espionage artists.

Visit Vadium at:

Bothell Chiropractic

Bothell Chiropractics is ready to help you activate your body's natural ability to heal itself so that you are able to carry out your life's mission and purpose.

The lead revolutionary of the Stop Consumer Trafficking movement, Jason Gaylord, will be living for 1 month on the roof of Bothell Chiropractic on Main Street in downtown Bothell. Jason also happens to be the Founder and Chairman of Localloop Global, Inc.

Bothell Chiropractic and owner Dusty DuBois are proud to be a Localloop Certified Business with a 4 star rating based on 21 verified reviews.

Visit Bothell Chiropractic at:

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